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The Federation of Association of Regulatory Boards (FARB) has gathered helpful resources intended to amplify the voice of smart regulation. The FARB Strategic Action Teams have collaborated to develop messaging and content to recognize the basis for state-based regulation of the professions and its importance to public safety. FARB encourages relevant organizations to use the materials on this page to advance unified messages to the regulatory community, legislators, policy makers, and consumers.

Prior written approval is required for other uses of this content and may be requested by contacting farb@farb.org.

FARB Public Service Announcements (PSAs)

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SUGGESTED USE: Consumer Education

How important is it to have a licensed professional work for you? Licensing signifies a level of competence reviewed through a uniform process. Choosing an unlicensed practitioner can limit the options a consumer has for remedy if something goes wrong. Civil action may be your only option which can be a timely and costly process. Licensed professionals are vetted by state regulatory agencies by providing guidelines for licensure such as education requirements, certifications, work experience or passing a licensing exam focused on the laws and regulations of their industry. State regulatory agencies are designed to protect the public and hold licensees accountable for their actions.

To best protect your interests, always follow these three steps:

  1. Ask those you trust for recommendations and discuss any issues they may have had
  2. Verify the license is active and in good standing
  3. Understand the resources available to you
SUGGESTED USE: Consumer Service Announcement

Regulatory agencies hold licensees accountable to the laws that govern their industry. To best protect your interests, only hire licensed professionals with an active license and contact regulatory agencies immediately with any concerns.

SUGGESTED USE: Consumer Message

Government agencies designated to protect public interest provide guidelines for licensure such as education requirements, certifications and work experience. These guidelines hold the licensee accountable to the laws that govern the industry and may subject violators to adverse action, including loss of licensure. When considering using a licensed professional, verify they have a valid license in their profession and state and then meet with the licensed professional to have all your questions answered.

SUGGESTED USE: Consumer Brief Message

What does it mean when someone says they’re licensed to practice work? An active license indicates that a professional or business has demonstrated the knowledge, skills and abilities to perform their service and have agreed to abide by the laws and regulations that govern their industry. A regulatory agency is responsible for reviewing all license holder qualifications and investigating consumer complaints, and sharing valuable information with the public to best protect their health and safety.