Federation of Associations of Regulatory Boards


Our Members

FARB, as an association of associations, is uniquely positioned to be a leader in promoting excellence in the regulation of professions by virtue of the depth of knowledge and commitment of its membership. These member associations are of regulatory boards across disciplines, jurisdictions, and professions. FARB’s branded assets, the Model Documents and the annual training events such as the Forum and Regulatory Law Seminar (RLS), contribute to the continual development of excellence in regulation for the purpose of public protection. In addition, FARB’s RLS focuses on the legal principals of regulatory issues, providing a unique perspective not found elsewhere in the regulatory community.

Beyond its Governing members (associations of regulatory boards), FARB membership extends to other entities. Supporting members are companies, corporations, and other entities that provide goods and services to associations of regulatory boards and their members. Affiliate members are non-governmental professional certifying or credentialing bodies. Regulatory Board members are governmental regulatory boards involved in the regulation of a licensed profession or occupation. FARB also has Individual members, who are individuals belonging to a regulatory board, governmental agency, or any other organization who has an interest and expertise in the regulation of professions and occupations, and who desire to support the mission and goals of FARB.