Federation of Associations of Regulatory Boards

Atkinson Lecture Award

Inaugural FARB Atkinson Lecture commemorates our founding executive support team, the Atkinson & Atkinson Law Firm. The Atkinson Lecture will become an annual feature for future FARB events, offering perspectives on the "state of regulation" to inspire us and provoke important discussion throughout the conference.

Dale Atkinson, JD
FARB Executive Director
The Atkinson Firm
Northbrook, Illinois
State of Regulation

Dale J. Atkinson is a licensed Illinois attorney who received his law degree from Northwestern School of Law in Portland, Oregon, and is now the sole managing member of The Atkinson Firm in Northbrook, Illinois. He founded the firm of Atkinson & Atkinson, LLC with his father in 1989, with an emphasis of practice in regulatory law.

Mr. Atkinson represents associations in all matters relating to their operations as not-for-profit corporations, including regulatory activities, education and accreditation, disciplinary actions, model legislation and applications, and all phases of the development and administration of licensure examination programs, licensure transfer programs, licensure credentials verification and storage.

He is a frequent speaker before these association clients as well as other regulatory groups, agencies, and stakeholders, and produces numerous writings on these topics for publication. Mr. Atkinson was involved with the Federation of Association of Regulatory Boards for over 30 years, having served as the Executive Director of FARB for over 21 years, providing educational programs for board members, staff, investigators, and attorneys related to regulation in the interest of public protection. Mr. Atkinson continues to dedicate his career to representing not-for-profit associations that provide essential public protection services.

“‘Minds Shared’ captures my commitment to the firm, my dedication to client representation, and comprehensive collaboration with the regulatory community and the public served.”